Saturday, April 28, 2012

little tip to keep your Beautiful Breasts

In taking care of the breasts, you need to be more careful in comparison with other body treatments. This is because a breast cover skin softer and thinner than the skin on other parts of a woman's body. And note also the nipple, where in that section the skin softer and more sensitive again. And to make the breasts to be beautiful, you need to take care of them always.
If the breasts are not too dirty because of the many activities You are removing sweat, avoid using SOAP on that area, as some kind of SOAP can dry the skin around the breast.

And you can use a light moisturizer or oil sweet almond every two days if the nipple looks cracked. Add a few drops of oil of life as well as lavender and neroli for temper and scent your breasts.

In addition, you can also avoid breast rubbing with a towel, because when there are blisters, could make the province the milk tasted pain and fell like burned.

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