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how to get healthy breast tight,bigger,beautyful and sexy appearance.

every woman would dreaming to have beautiful breasts, big, and can appear confident, therefore we wants to discuss about how to take care to keep having healthy breast naturally without using drugs. Let's look at an excerpt below.

the breast is one of the most important assets for women beside the skin and butt. There are many beauty products offered for the treatment of facial and body to look more beautiful, but rarely associated with breasts. But it is difficult to make healthy breasts.if Breasts are healthy, strong and well-maintained, they will make women feel comfortably. Also, for women who have been married, which would make her proud and more confident in front of her husband.

✔ Regular exercise - Keep in mind that keeping the breasts to stay healthy and strong it could also exercise regularly as exercise sit ups and push ups that will make the breasts become healthy and your breasts become toned and sexy.

✔ Keeping the weight - in addition to exercising then you also have to watch your weight, because if you have healthy breasts but the weight is not in control of it would be highly unethical. so ladies watch your diet.

✔ Eat healthy foods - Health food will keep your ideal weight. Ideal body weight will keep the shape of the breast so as not to lose. Losing weight too quickly can make sagging breasts. Maintaining a healthy start eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals that will maintain the health of the breast from the inside.

✔ Use the right bra - Always wear a bra that is not too tight and not too loose, in order to maintain the stability of your breasts

✔ Perform regular massage Did you know that massage the breast gently about 15 minutes can help tighten your breasts, do it gently, the first step should clean the breast with a wet towel, previously soaked in warm water, then wipe gently around the breast. After that, dry and massage gently and then wipe with a dry towel.

may can be beneficial for all, if there are criticisms and suggestions then please let us know using the comments below.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

6 Ways to make a big and beautiful breasts.

Large breasts and beautiful is something that is highly desired by most women, it is because the appearance will look perfect and sexy impressed. The size of the breast is beautiful itself is large and strong, so to some women who have breast less contained, sagging and some other problems feel less confident, so try to do some things to get the ideal breast,for example, just like breast surgery to install implants, injectable  breast and the other.
some of it is going to provide the results of large breasts with a short period of time so much in demand by some women. But using that way of course has its own risks like if not treated properly could eventually lead to the risk of implant rupture, infection until the risk of breast cancer.
In addition because it has no ideal breast size, the issue of a woman in the breast itself is due to sagging breasts which makes it looks less beautiful. For his own sagging breasts can be caused by several things, one of which is breastfeeding. After giving birth most women experience changes in body shape and breasts become larger due to the production of breast milk to the baby itself.
However, after the milk production decreases, the breast will return to normal, or sometimes there is also a loose and it is also a lot of complaints by some women.

Using bulus Oil.
For how to create a large and beautiful breasts first is to apply struck oil, from the first public believes that bulus oil has enormous benefits for treating breast. Struck oil itself contains omega 3, omega 6, amino acids, vitamins A, C and E and the fat that is high enough.
And some content is beneficial to make the breasts becoming more moist skin, breast augmentation and breast firming. This can happen because the substance of the machinations of oil will be absorbed by the skin of the breast that is open so that will fill advocate breast tissue that is still empty, so the breasts will look bigger and beautiful.To use this bulus oil can be done alone at the time before the shower while a gentle massage for a few minutes. How to create a large and beautiful breasts like this of course does not cause side effects because in a natural way.

Breast massage
Then make a big and beautiful breasts second is to perform treatment such as breast massage. It is also often done by most women because it gives very effective results. To perform breast massage can also be done at home or using the services of expert massage.
If done yourself some stage is to massage the breast with both hands starting from the ground up and give a little gentle pressure. For breast massage, you can use the help of some materials such as long beans that have been mashed, fish oil or other ingredients. Additionally you can nevertheless use the help of a specialist breast massage because it is the future of people who are experts in breast massage will be better understood and also understand about making the breasts become more beautiful and ideal.

Breast Gymnastics
Then how to make big and beautiful breasts third is to do gymnastics breast, breast gymnastics is one of the most effective ways in taking care of the breast. Breast gymnastics will help to make the muscle - breast muscles become interested and become taut. Doing exercises like gymnastics breast if done regularly will be very effective.

If you want more effective, then you can do gymnastics breasts once a day, with a regular routine will help to eliminate calories, keep the body's metabolism, strengthens muscles and other tissues.

Meridien Breast Therapy
For the next can be a way breast meridian therapy, making a large and beautiful breasts in this way itself is done by a therapist - therapist reliable which is very experienced in their field, so that will provide a very positive impact to the breast. Besides this way can also help the breast to feel firmer, blood circulation and also helps balance the body's metabolic system so that health will also be maintained.

To handle the meridian itself is a tool used on the back, but previously given a special cream beforehand. To taste itself is such a shock, especially if there are abnormalities in the breast such as a tumor or the other. Thus in this way not only to keep the beauty of the breast, but can also be therapeutic for maintaining health.

Venus Freeze
Then how to create a large and beautiful breasts can also venus freeze method in which an advanced technology and the latest in efforts to establish the body but not with surgery. This tool can be used to reduce wrinkles on the skin, including skin on the breast. Thus the course will be maintained with good breast and the breast skin will also be away from the crease

For the treatment itself takes 30 minutes and for the results are immediately visible. If to tighten the breast, then you can perform this treatment on a regular basis at least once a week, thereby more effectively.

Consuming chicken legs
How to create a large and beautiful breasts which then also can consume chicken claw, It turned out to be helpful. Chicken claw contains collagen that is high enough so that will help the muscle tissues to function optimally and will also help the breast muscles become more tighten.
But in addition to consuming a chicken claw, it helps if you also consume some balance it with healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water and others. Thus of course attempt to create a large and beautiful breasts will be achieved with the maximum result.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Caring Breast and Nipple While Pregnant

Caring Breast and Nipple While Pregnant
Many pregnant women ignore breast care. Perhaps because lazy or will not know the actual benefits. Though breast care during pregnancy is essential for the smooth milk soon after birth. "In fact, with proper treatment, the outcome is not just enough production, but also the shape of the breast will remain good during feeding
As known, the breasts during pregnancy will change. Among others feel tighter, bigger and fuller. That said, before the birth, every breasts weighed 1.5 times larger than before pregnancy.
Fine veins below the skin surface also becomes clearer breasts, blood vessels grow and expand, as well as the nipple and areola (the area around the nipple) becomes darker. Around the areola, in the days before giving birth white spots appear to contain glands that produce oil so as to lubricate and protect the nipple when breastfeeding.
Further explained, in the breast are 15-25 segments / lobe consisting of reservoir gland / alveoli. Interrelated muscle layer is formed around the alveoli, which will be contracted to squeeze the milk out of the pockets of small channels that flow into the nipple.
Since the beginning of pregnancy, hormones stimulate the growth of cells in milk production in the alveoli. The most important hormone in the formation of milk is prolactin, which started working since the age of 8 weeks of pregnancy. This hormone also maintain the balance of the amount of the amount of milk produced at each stage with the help of estrogen hormone made by the placenta.
In addition, prolactin also make the color of the areola becomes darker and more prominent nipples. But for the nipples flat or sinking into, this bulge is not felt.

Breast care is recommended begin after 5-6 months gestation. Therefore, if early in pregnancy we've done nipple stimulation, for example, not good results obtained, "but instead can cause uterine contractions,"

The treatments were conducted are:
1. massage
This can be done when the bath. Previously prepared in a basin of warm water and cold water, coconut oil clean (best if homemade) or baby oil, towels, and cotton.
Clean the breast using water, then massage the oil wear. Massage is done by using both hands, around the breast massaged rotate clockwise and then reverse / counterclockwise. After that do the ordering from the bottom toward the nipple, but the nipple itself unnecessary massaged because there are no glandular, but only a mere ducts.
After the massage, tap-tap breast using fingertips or the tip of a finger joint. Point in order to work better blood circulation. Furthermore nipple cleaned using cotton and oil. This oil is useful flex and moisturizing nipple so the nipple when breastfeeding later already not easy abrasions.

Finally, clean the breast and the nipple wear warm and cold water. The aim is to facilitate the circulation of the blood. After that, dry it with disposable towel.2. Exercise Regularly
Breast should also be treated with doing gymnastics. Useful to strengthen the pectoral muscles in the chest, thus compressing the breast and stimulates for the better milk production

2.Exercise regularly

There are two kinds of exercises that can be done by mothers:

Standing position, right hand holds the left forearm near the elbow, left hand holding the opposite right forearm (like folded). Then press firmly to tighten the chest by means of a handle, so it feels its pull on the muscles at the base of the breast. Next relax back. Do it repeatedly up to 30 times.

Hold both ends of the shoulder with the hand, then elbows turned forward so that the inner arm massage breast upward. Forwarded movement of the hand upward to the back and back to its original position. Do this exercise 20 times a round.

3. Wearing the fit Bra
To overcome discomfort when breasts enlarged, wear a bra that fits and can hold. Do not wear too tight or loose, but it should really fit in the size of the breast at the time and can sustain the development of breasts. If it is too tight will hinder the development of the mammary gland, whereas if it is too loose will look to fall and wore ill.

If the breasts are very large, it is better to choose who wear a wire buffer. Due to prop up a bra that is not well with large breasts tend to go down and form a crease in the bottom of the breast. Meanwhile, if the mother does not maintain cleanliness and dryness in the crease, then the fungus normally will grow.
Do not forget, the body of pregnant women tend to sweat. For that, choose a bra of cotton or cotton blend so comfortable to wear and easy to absorb sweat. The strap so that the width chosen so as to support the breast well.

When the fungus was already present, immediately take it to the doctor. Therefore, if the fungus climbed up to the rest of the breast can be a problem when breastfeeding later.

its not difficult to treat breast right?


How to Tighten Sagging Breasts After Breast Feeding

little tip to keep your Beautiful Breasts


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How to Tighten Sagging Breasts After Breast Feeding

How to Tighten Breasts After Breast Feeding Naturally - After breastfeeding is usually the breast that was formerly strong and great to be rather slack this is because in addition to hormone usually breast feeding is a bit heavy due to accommodate the load breastfeeding and usually nursing mothers are reluctant to use bras that fit so the breasts are not stuck perfectly. This can result in the spine are usually painless and breasts that formerly tightly become loose.
How to Restore Firmness Breasts After giving birth and breastfeeding in Natural way.

we will give you tips on how to tighten the breast after feeding naturally. It is not difficult to restore your breasts are already sagging. one easy way is to eat papaya. It is no doubt that the papaya is a fruit that is great for toning the breasts. Moreover papaya. Papaya is believed to have enzymes that can stimulate the release of hormones in women's body. Moreover this enzyme is also believed to stimulate the ovaries to secrete the female hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and prolactinSelain stimulate the ovaries, these enzymes can expedite the mammary gland, so that the breast milk flow smoothly and faster and faster.

Method of using Papaya  For Breast Tightening
In order to be in papaya enzyme can come out so that the breast can be faster, you can mix papaya, soy milk, lemon, and honey.

To weave, made enough to grab papaya juice mixed with soy milk (soy milk contains phyto-estrogen which is good for the breast). After so pour into a glass, then add a little lemon and two tablespoons of honey.

Papaya juice mixed with soy milk mixture, lemon, and honey should be taken 2 times a day.

this articles about How to Tighten Sagging Breasts After Breast-feeding, may be useful.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

little tip to keep your Beautiful Breasts

In taking care of the breasts, you need to be more careful in comparison with other body treatments. This is because a breast cover skin softer and thinner than the skin on other parts of a woman's body. And note also the nipple, where in that section the skin softer and more sensitive again. And to make the breasts to be beautiful, you need to take care of them always.
If the breasts are not too dirty because of the many activities You are removing sweat, avoid using SOAP on that area, as some kind of SOAP can dry the skin around the breast.

And you can use a light moisturizer or oil sweet almond every two days if the nipple looks cracked. Add a few drops of oil of life as well as lavender and neroli for temper and scent your breasts.

In addition, you can also avoid breast rubbing with a towel, because when there are blisters, could make the province the milk tasted pain and fell like burned.

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tips on caring for breast

Breast Care Tips are always sought after by us, women who want to change the shape of the breasts become more sexy. Anyone would want to have healthy breasts, beautiful and well toned.

But to be able to tighten the breast (or breast muscle tighten) of course you have to do what is best for your breasts. Here it is tips on how to treat breast and breast muscle and breast care at home that you can use.

Breasts may be a valuable asset you which will need special care. Along with the development of age, breast or breasts you will experience various problems.
n breast care at home that you can use.

For example breast sagging, shrinking of the mammary gland, stretch marks, weakening of connective tissue supporting the breast also decreases the elasticity of breast skin. Especially after childbirth and breastfeeding, your breasts may no longer looks beautiful as before.
ra at home that you can use.

n order for firmer breast, female breast care on a regular basis is also necessary for health and preventing breast cancer.
isa you use.

But there are some things you should try to maintain the beauty of your breasts in order to obtain dense breasts and tight breasts. Starting treatment from the breast to treat breast way. Here are tips on caring for breasts that we can do.

1. Your breasts also need nutrients.
       One of the most important tips on caring for the breast is to eat a balanced diet with adequate calories. So the ideal weight you can get. With the ideal weight of course your overall appearance, including body will be formed with natural breasts. Thus, your appearance will look attractive.

2. Your breast skin contains very little collagen.
       Especially in the areola (skin around the nipple) and nipple. Therefore, one of the tips on caring for the next breast thing is do not rub the breast with items such as scrub or rough towel. Especially when a week before the monthly cycle. To address the dry skin just use a moisturizer without fragrance. will look attractive.

3. Exercise also can be your efforts to restore breast firmness.
       Sports are tips on caring for the next breast. Movement exercise done regularly will train the chest muscles. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

4. Use a bra that fits well with the size and shape of your breasts.
       Most important is the bra should be comfortable to wear. Use a special bra when you exercise. That sweat easily absorbed and propped up with a good breast. A good bra is also part of the breast care tips.

5. Aesthetic Surgery
       Surgical aesthetics can be the final choice of these breast care tips. If the breast has been experiencing serious problems for you. Surgery is usually performed to correct breast asymmetry, change the shape and size of the breast or just tighten the breast. But if the shape of your breast fine breast care tips you should avoid this.

Basically, all people are created nothing is perfect. Maybe if your breasts are less look good you can cover it with the advantages that exist in the rest of your body.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maintain Healthy Breast Tips

Keep and maintain breast health is important to be done by women, so that breasts are not prone to various diseases.

Here are some Tips To Maintain Breast Health:
1. Maintain Breast Health Tip: Reduce eating fatty foods

A diet high in animal fat may increase the risk of breast cancer. According to experts, a diet rich in fat can produce chemicals in the gut the same time related to the bacteria will turn it into estrogen as a cause of cancer. Estrogen is then stored in the fatty breast tissue that makes the cell in this area are more likely to grow into cancer.

2. Maintain Breast Health Tip: Increase fiber consumption

Consumption of fruits and vegetables is important to prevent breast cancer. Fiber contained in vegetables, whole grains and fruit can affect the metabolism of estrogen in the body, and reduce estrogen in the blood.

Tip 3. Maintain Breast Health: Eat lots of vegetables

Eating lots of vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, bok, choy, green vegetables like kale and spinach, cauliflower and Chinese radish, good for breast health because they contain sulfur components called indoles. Indoles actually help reduce and prevent estrogen from the body grow into breast cancer. Only this type of vegetables that are known to alter estrogen in the body, and prevent it developing into breast cancer.

4.Maintain Breast Health Tip: Eat fish

Research shows that consuming at least three servings of fish each week such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines can help prevent breast cancer. Omega oils that are commonly found in fish may help strengthen the immune system and inhibit tumor effect that causes

5.Maintain Breast Health Tip: Eat Soy

Some scientists believe that by consuming soy products can protect you against the hormone causes tumors. Soybeans and other soy products contain genistein, a natural estrogen that binds to receptors in the breast so that his name not possible the growth of cancer.
6.Maintain Breast Health Tip: Exercise Regularly

Studies where women who do aerobic exercise for 3.8 hours or more perminggunya, less likely to develop breast cancer than those who never exercise at all.


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