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Caring Breast and Nipple While Pregnant

Caring Breast and Nipple While Pregnant
Many pregnant women ignore breast care. Perhaps because lazy or will not know the actual benefits. Though breast care during pregnancy is essential for the smooth milk soon after birth. "In fact, with proper treatment, the outcome is not just enough production, but also the shape of the breast will remain good during feeding
As known, the breasts during pregnancy will change. Among others feel tighter, bigger and fuller. That said, before the birth, every breasts weighed 1.5 times larger than before pregnancy.
Fine veins below the skin surface also becomes clearer breasts, blood vessels grow and expand, as well as the nipple and areola (the area around the nipple) becomes darker. Around the areola, in the days before giving birth white spots appear to contain glands that produce oil so as to lubricate and protect the nipple when breastfeeding.
Further explained, in the breast are 15-25 segments / lobe consisting of reservoir gland / alveoli. Interrelated muscle layer is formed around the alveoli, which will be contracted to squeeze the milk out of the pockets of small channels that flow into the nipple.
Since the beginning of pregnancy, hormones stimulate the growth of cells in milk production in the alveoli. The most important hormone in the formation of milk is prolactin, which started working since the age of 8 weeks of pregnancy. This hormone also maintain the balance of the amount of the amount of milk produced at each stage with the help of estrogen hormone made by the placenta.
In addition, prolactin also make the color of the areola becomes darker and more prominent nipples. But for the nipples flat or sinking into, this bulge is not felt.

Breast care is recommended begin after 5-6 months gestation. Therefore, if early in pregnancy we've done nipple stimulation, for example, not good results obtained, "but instead can cause uterine contractions,"

The treatments were conducted are:
1. massage
This can be done when the bath. Previously prepared in a basin of warm water and cold water, coconut oil clean (best if homemade) or baby oil, towels, and cotton.
Clean the breast using water, then massage the oil wear. Massage is done by using both hands, around the breast massaged rotate clockwise and then reverse / counterclockwise. After that do the ordering from the bottom toward the nipple, but the nipple itself unnecessary massaged because there are no glandular, but only a mere ducts.
After the massage, tap-tap breast using fingertips or the tip of a finger joint. Point in order to work better blood circulation. Furthermore nipple cleaned using cotton and oil. This oil is useful flex and moisturizing nipple so the nipple when breastfeeding later already not easy abrasions.

Finally, clean the breast and the nipple wear warm and cold water. The aim is to facilitate the circulation of the blood. After that, dry it with disposable towel.2. Exercise Regularly
Breast should also be treated with doing gymnastics. Useful to strengthen the pectoral muscles in the chest, thus compressing the breast and stimulates for the better milk production

2.Exercise regularly

There are two kinds of exercises that can be done by mothers:

Standing position, right hand holds the left forearm near the elbow, left hand holding the opposite right forearm (like folded). Then press firmly to tighten the chest by means of a handle, so it feels its pull on the muscles at the base of the breast. Next relax back. Do it repeatedly up to 30 times.

Hold both ends of the shoulder with the hand, then elbows turned forward so that the inner arm massage breast upward. Forwarded movement of the hand upward to the back and back to its original position. Do this exercise 20 times a round.

3. Wearing the fit Bra
To overcome discomfort when breasts enlarged, wear a bra that fits and can hold. Do not wear too tight or loose, but it should really fit in the size of the breast at the time and can sustain the development of breasts. If it is too tight will hinder the development of the mammary gland, whereas if it is too loose will look to fall and wore ill.

If the breasts are very large, it is better to choose who wear a wire buffer. Due to prop up a bra that is not well with large breasts tend to go down and form a crease in the bottom of the breast. Meanwhile, if the mother does not maintain cleanliness and dryness in the crease, then the fungus normally will grow.
Do not forget, the body of pregnant women tend to sweat. For that, choose a bra of cotton or cotton blend so comfortable to wear and easy to absorb sweat. The strap so that the width chosen so as to support the breast well.

When the fungus was already present, immediately take it to the doctor. Therefore, if the fungus climbed up to the rest of the breast can be a problem when breastfeeding later.

its not difficult to treat breast right?


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